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Wood Texture Powder Coating Series

More and more aluminum alloy doors and windows are using the imitation wood texture effect.

As the research and development of pioneer in the domestic wood texture powder, we are quite unique in the field of wood texture powder transfer printing.

Our product line have ordinary wood texture, sand surface wood texture, stereoscopic wood texture, PU wood texture, imitation cataphoresis wood texture and others for the users to choose.


Ordinary Wood Texture Powder

Through the thermal transfer printing, we can make the surface of aluminum produce high imitation plane wood texture.

It's the preferred low cost scheme for imitation wood aluminum doors and windows.


Sand Surface Wood Texture Powder

Putting in the thermal transfer ordinary wood texture inferior smooth sand surface effect, make the visual sense and touch sense sweet and real.

At the same time, it have excellent weather resistance of heart-resistant scratch resistance.


Stereoscopic Wood Texture Powder

Different with thermal transfer printing, stereoscopic wood texture are applied the dedicated large vertical automatic spraying production line. Through the second baking coating process of base powder and surface powder, produce the stereoscopic relief effect. It has strong visual administrative levels feeling and real wood texture concave convex sense of touch. At the same time can put in inferior smooth or smooth wood texture effect, it is preferred scheme for high-grade personality doors and windows in the future.


Imitation Cataphoresis Wood Texture Powder

Using the pure resin formula, it have cataphoresis effect. Cause its peculiar high permeability after the transfer, makes coating have high scintillation in different light metallic luster, and simultaneously the very high powder utilization ensure the user's cost control.

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